Freshly molted G. rosea
This is the little one I recently discovered is female. So she'll be with me for a loooong time. :)
Had my female rosie for almost a year. Never ate a single thing. Every week I would put in a cricket only to remove it again the next day. Even tried her with mealworms and locusts but still no. Then 4 months after we got her she molted and I thought here we go, she'll be starving now! How wrong I was! Another 2 months passed of no eating until one morning I awoke to find her tucking into a cricket! I was amazed as I'd given up completely of ever seeing her eat! 3 months later she molted again which is unbelievable as she'd only eaten 3 crickets since the previous molt! Hard to imagine how she can survive at all let alone grow enough to molt. I've come to realise she is one stubborn lady..often when I try to feed her she will retreat to her hide turning her back to me. I agree 100% that rosies are notorious for their mood swings. My girl certainly is!
@SuetheBlue I have an adult female rosie, too, and she will fast for a few months now and then, but she's never gone a whole year. The longest was 4-5 months, then she molted and started eating again. She definitely eats the least out of all my Ts. It's impressive that they can survive that long without food! This little one, though, she eats like I champ. I didn't even realize she was in premolt this time around, because she had last eaten a week prior.

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