For a little guy, he has some nice colors already.

For a little guy, he has some nice colors already.

I think my next to will be a girlfriend for this guy. I am always happy to watch my T’s grow from a speck with legs to a mature adult regardless of sex, but I was disappointed to see male written all over him. This is why I get more than one sling at a time with any species. I didn’t with this one.
Are you sure a male? Mine started looking like this day before molt. Now it has darker colors but more of a blue.
@docwade87 Males and females are somewhat dimorphic. Males have blue all the way from the tip of the leg to the end of the leg close to the carapace. Females have blue from the tip of the legs to the knees. Which is the best way to describe it. As a male reaches closer to maturity, his blue will start to show way more than a female. Females will only get blue to a certain extent on their legs. Males will get complete blue on their legs and have a colored carapace for all MM M. balfouri. Females will not have any colors to their carapace, which stays the same white color their entire lives compared to males. Males will start to have a bluer carapace as they approach maturity. Hope this helps a little. ;)
@Liquifin great information. Thank you for sharing. I always looked for the two cream/tan colored dots but this is a much easier way to sex them without trying to getting them in the perfect place.
@Liquifin his little body is just under 2”. I hope he has at least two more moly’s before he is mature so I have time to find a sub or adult female.
M. balfouri mature quite small for males. They max out around 3.75''-4.25'' DLS. Meaning yours have one or two molts left. I lean more towards one if I had to guess, but who knows?

Just a little tip if you do breed. These guys are ridiculously easy to breed, which is why they are always available in the hobby. I mean they're not beginner breeding standards, but they are easy for an OW species. Just to end the note.
@Liquifin my goal is to have a successful communal enclosure with these guys. I have had the enclosure set up for about 6 months already and nothing in it.

Thank you for the tips. I am going to step up my game and find a lady friend for this guy.

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