First Moult in Three Years
My senior Avicularia avicularia M1 moulted today - three years almost to the day of the last one. She is more than 10 years old and I thought I was going to lose her this winter. She is the girl who started my love of arboreals and I'm glad she is going to stick around a while longer. ♥
A beautiful old lady. A. avic M1 are stunning and it drives me nuts how often they get looked over or passed up.
For the last year she has been refusing food a lot. Not for extended periods, but she will accept food maybe one in three times that I offer it to her. That is something that I have found that my seniors do when they are not much longer for this world. I am really shocked at this moult and I hope she recovers well.
@VanessaS My first Avic fasted for 13 months as a senior, and I was sure I was going to lose her, but then she molted two more times before getting stuck in a third and final molt.

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