First Moth Rescue of The Year

First Moth Rescue of The Year

Every year I find large Saturniids in my work place (it's a warehouse type building with large doors all around for trucks) as they fly around looking for mates, and every year I have to catch them and bring them outside so they don't get killed. This is the first of the year
I’d love to have that job:). It’s in very good condition, I find hardly any that are so straight around the edges.
@Bug Bane You might be finding ones that are past their prime. I raised a handful of different species last year, and they all looked so tattered and pitiful when they were on their way out. They're beautiful like this guy when they first start out though. He was struggling a bit, but it's a little cold out so he was likely just affected by the weather. I'm hoping he gets out there and finds the lady he's looking for :)

@Mvtt70 Thanks! These guys are among my favorites, and are a big part of what sparked my interest in large moths in the first place
Absolute beauty. Only large moth rescue I've done was a Hercules Moth and that things tail was like as thick as a sausage. Some kids were throwing stuff at it but I got him before his wings and dust got too beat. Always wanted to see one of these in person
@RezonantVoid Those moths are giants! I'm glad you were able to save it. I'm lucky enough that I live in an area where I get to see at least 2 or 3 different species of large Saturniid moths every year without fail. There's tons of inverts in Australia that I'd love to get though!

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