Finished enclosure for the rescue savanna monitor

Finished enclosure for the rescue savanna monitor

Please add thoughts, opinions, critiques, ideas and suggestions if you have any.
Savs like to dig and need deep substrate, IIRC. Assuming that you know the heating/lighting requirements though, the enclosure itself looks very nice aesthetically.
@Liquifin I was hoping you would be able to give guidance on this because it seems you know a little more about Savanna than I do.

I will be asking the vet tomorrow too and hopefully he is very knowledgeable about savanna monitors. I don’t know him so we shall see.
@Arachnophoric thank you. I will redo it tomorrow after his vet appointment. I have to get more substrate.

About 8 to 10 more inches?
@Arachnophoric heating and lighting consist of a 10.0 26 watt UVB light during the day. I am giving him extra time in the sun along with vitamin D be because he was in a dark building for 2 months. I don’t know for sure but I think that depleted a lot from him.

100 watt no light emitting basking light that is on a dimmer so I can adjust temperatures and keep him warm all the time.

Day time, I keep his enclosure around 94 to 98 degrees. It was at 105 when I first I got him because he was all skin and bones. Still is really but getting better.

At night I drop the temp to 85 ish.
@Drea My experience with herps is not that good, I only know the bare basics of herps keeping. The best advice I can offer is to try a herps/reptile forum, but be aware. Unlike the forums here, the herps/reptile forums are very debatable on care to each and everyone's own experience on the other forums. Meaning you'll get hundreds of different types of ways people keep their reptiles for a single species of reptile.
@Liquifin The doc gave him a clean bill of health other than the obvious. He just gave me a bill.

He check for internal parasites, in his mouth and stool and it came back negative. He did something else but I don’t remember. Other then dehydration and under weight, he is good to go.

He gave me some recipes and a more consistent feeding schedule. He said to continue with the same vitamins just a little less. He weighed him and we go back in two weeks For a follow up.

So I can focus back on my Tarantulas now that he is good to go. My P. Striata, B. albopilosum, A. Avicularia, P. sazamai all molted last night. :) 4 confirmed females. I thought that avicularia was a male.
@u bada my other avicularia molted and hooked out. If only they were the same color morphs.

This week with the savanna has played a toll on my Spider OCD. No journal entry’s, little time on AB, behind in rehousing, haven’t even posted the 7 news from the show.... bad spider mommy. Bad.. haha

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