finally growing into those legs!

finally growing into those legs!

At around an inch a then some, my g pulchripes(since hatching lol ) is finally pretty much classified as a juvie! Shes just as hungry as ever( we overcame the risk of obesity) and we're turning into a lovely T so far!
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Hope for your sake I am if someone sold it to you as A. chalcodes. Still a good looking T :)
@boina Glad to know I'm not going blind lol. I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes attempting to find images of young A. chalcodes just to see if they DID look like that when they're young.

@ChickenTaco Looking through your media gallery, it looks like you did know your T was a G. pulchripes and somehow got the notion that they went through a name change! They didn't though, still good ol' G. pulchripes :)
Yep, as stated-- that is totally not an A. chalcodes. G. pulchripes is my thoughts too.

This is my 4" female.
Omg soooo sorry it was really late! Lol yes it a G pulchripes I do have a Chalcodes who Id just been feeding so i got confused Sorry!
I actually even have the species name written on each container Lol this is why I cant post things late at night. Ash is a G pulchripes and has always been a G pulchripes since I bought him/her! I had just had my ACTUAL chalcodes T out so i wasnt thinking straight, and wasn't one of the popular species names altered recently? Something like a smithi(it was some species ive wanted)? Idk I havent been on in months! Maybe Im just very confused!
@ChickenTaco It's all good, didn't mean to spam you either. We all do silly stuff like that though, so it's nbd if you were a little tired and just got mixed up! :)

Yes, B. smithi got changed to B. hamorii, and nobody was too happy about it! :rofl:
@Arachnophoric haha yup I remember the uproar online! Its all good though,I felt stupid when everyone pointed it out (in humorous way though) but no one was rude or anything so its all good, i probably wouldve done the same

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