Heteroscodra Maculata
This one's a little better, but it still looks male to me. There looks like there's a lot of webbing in the way. Basically, between the furrow and the pedicel, I can see a bunch of fussilae, and I can actually see them better in the other picture. How big is the spider?
I mesured her at 4 1/2, to 4 and 5/8th's. I'm going to have to pull her or him out for an even better shot. See I bought "her" as a female, that why I'm so confused?
did you get "her" at a pet store or from an online dealer? Pet stores are notoriously wrong about things like this, and it's not cuz they're dishonest, they just simply don't know any better. The online dealers though are good about selling their animals, and if it's marked female, 99% of the time its female. It's hit or miss at a pet store.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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