Female ID

Female ID

  • ggg
I've bought her as Aphonopelma seemani. Befere last molt she was gray/brown, now 2 weeks after molt she is blue? I dont know what is it? Maybe Aphonopelma seemani blue or Acanthoscuria sp.?
Hello ggg !

You know , spiders can change colours after molt, sometimes they appear very different compare to their original colour, espessialy then they spiderlings. My Phormictopus platus was also blue after one molt, but than he changed his colour to original broun\gold (you can find his pictures in Phormictous gallery) . I can't ID spider by foto, but it's probably A.seemani ....
I'd say that this sp looks like A.sp "Guatemalan" or A.seemani "Guatemalan" much more,this stain of T's a little bit different to the general A.seemanii.like their veins (narrower ,slighter than the A.seemani)as well as their coloration.
Have 4 of them, this IS A. seemani. They can even get a yellow over all color prior to molt, the orange spinnerets are a dead giveaway..

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