Female Ceratogyrus marshalli (My First Old World)
My new female Ceratogyrus marshalli, my first Old World tarantula. (She is about 4".)
@clive 82 I've only had her for the day, so I haven't gotten to know her yet. However, I will be rehousing her tomorrow (she has outgrown the deli cup she lives in), so I'll see!

Supposedly Ceratogyrus marshalli is moderately defensive for the genus but a good first Old World tarantula, as it is relatively manageable for baboons and not a pet hole. (And one of the reasons I chose it was because I could get a confirmed female just by looking for the horn.)
@Ungoliant Thats good to know.Like you I'm looking at getting my first OW too, probably in the new year. Is it only the females that have the horn?

Keep us updated how the re house goes?
@clive 82 I don't know about other members of the genus, but @cold blood said that only female Ceratogyrus marshalli have horns, and they start to develop a visible button around 2".

For the limited interaction I've had with her so far (giving her a mealworm and taking a quick photo) she has been easygoing, but I know not to assume she will always be that way, especially when it's time to try to get her out of her home and into a new one.

I'm hoping the rehousing will go smoothly, as it's not my first rodeo (even though it is my first OW). I think she will be a lot more comfortable in the new enclosure, which will have vertical space for burrowing and a hide. (The deli cup she has been living in -- I can tell she has because it has substantial webbing -- is too small, has no hide, and no place to dig.)

What are you keeping so far?

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