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Is this a true B. vagans? I purchased this girl about two years ago. At first she looked like any other Brachypelma vagans, but once she hit the three inch mark, I noticed she had long, red setae and small spines on her back legs (like M. robustum). She also became very defensive towards anything
This does look like a likely hybrid of B. vagans and B. albopilosum. The pure vagans has usually redder setae than this on the abdomen and the longish hairs on the rear legs look a little bit more like albopilosum (hobby form). Nobody will be able to tell for sure, though, but I would agree this does not look like a pure vagans.
Looks like B. verdezi to me, though most likely hybridised.

Whatever it is, it certainly isnt true vagans
Thanks guys! I wasn’t sure because of the long setae on the legs. But I’m still lost because of the sharp spines on the back legs.
All the species have spines on the hind legs. But the long red hairs on the hind legs are often a sign of hobby hybrids, so i'd say that is likely.

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