I think this is an a. avic? Other thoughts..
@Arachnophoric Define "expert" ? I'm not an arachnologist if that's what you are thinking, nor one that works with cladistics. However all of the genera I have kept more Avics than any other.
@viper69 Just in the sense that you seem to have a very large and reliable wealth of knowledge about the Avicularia genus. Perhaps "expert" wasn't the word I should have used, but I figured you know enough to perhaps ID this Avic within a reasonable amount of certainty. :)
@Arachnophoric Appreciate the confidence. I just read a lot about this genus and such. What I will tell you is this, the more you look at various Avics, the more you realize a single photo is not enough to ID an Avic except for about 3 species off the top of my head. The above pic could be A. avic, but I cannot tell you will you any accuracy. It's only 1 pic.
@viper69 Fair enough, I have heard several times that IDing Avics is no easy task, especially in combination with hybridization that's apparently more frequent with this genus as opposed to some others. With versicolor being changed to Caribena, I can say I have zero experience with Avics, although I wouldn't hesitate to get a female A. metallica, were the opportunity presented! :D
No one has a good idea of how widespread hybrids are in the T hobby, let alone within a single genus. They exist, and that's all we know.
@Arachnophoric A. metallica is prob the best one to own. It's always been my favorite to own due to disposition and size. Scientifically A metallica is not a valid species, it's been lumped into A. avic as morphotype for now...

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