Eresus walckenaeri tiny molt #2

Eresus walckenaeri tiny molt #2

Her/his first molt since I have the little spiderling. :D
Was hoping anyone could tell from a molt picture which gender it is, or tell me when (if at all) I'll be able to tell from a molt? :o
I am new at caring for spiders so cant yet know what to look for to determine gender, but just wanted to add I looked up Eresus Walckenaeri and think it is so cute!
@Dawnes1221 (sorry for wall of text xD) I am pretty new at it aswell, a bit over two months ago I caught a giant house spider in a jar that came crawling out from under my bed, I was arachnophobic at the time, but I took pictures of insects and always put spiders outside rather than kill them (we don't have any dangerous spiders where I live). I kinda decided to keep it cause I was fascinated by it, bought some crickets and a faunarium from the pet shop.. Then researched a lot about spiders and found the Eresus species and I too thought they were just the cutest... So I started building a small enclosure for it and then I bought one :D so this is the first molt of the spiders I keep :>
I also have a video on my youtube channel of her drinking from a drop of water a day before molting :D
Same here, about two months ago I started out as well, and all because a spider came into my house, a wolf spider, but by my front door, so it must have got in when someone was coming in the door, then, about two hours later, another wolf spider, by the front door! Crazy that two came in coincidentally the same day and same kind! It must be that time of year they are looking to find some place warm, it must be meant to be! ☺☺☺☺☺ your video quality is amazing! How big will your lady bird get? It looks pretty big already from the video, from the mold I was thinking it was small like a jumping spider size, but in your video it has a big abdomen, looks at least an inch? Great video and sorry for my essay reply too, lol XD
Haha no worries :D
Yeah it was definitely that time of the year that spiders come walking indoors for warmth :happy:
Thanks :D the video was taken with my phone actually, and she is so tiny xD about 1cm (0.4 inch?) now with legs and everything :embarrassed: so yeah jumping spider size is pretty accurate for now, hehe. If it is a female she'd grow up to about 4cm (1,6 inches), and male would only be a little bit bigger as he/she is now.. but bright red in coloration. :wideyed: I read it takes them 2-3 years to reach adulthood, so I'll have to be a little patient ^^
Awwwwww, smaller spiders are always much cuter, except the widows, those are like little murderous horror movie characters, especially when hundreds of them come out of the egg sacks lol. I think you phone camera is amazing! I have a Samsung and it takes good pictures but sometimes the color is washed out, but yours are professional quality, I though it was a go pro you were using. I would love to see pictures or videos of your enclosure, it looked cool from your video but I am curius how big or small it is to house your little ladybird! If when you get a chance or some time. :happy:
Yeah, I'm glad we don't have widows here (yet :anxious:)
I have a Samsung too xD the S5 Neo, the key to good pictures and video is good lighting :D
I'll see if I have some pictures and if not I can take some of my enclosures. I have 2 at the moment and I'm gonna make another one for my Steatoda bipunctata soon (she's just in a tube atm) :happy:
Wow, I love your enclosure design setups, so creative and looks strikingly artistic! Also, another coincidence is I just found two more spiders in my house, cob web spiders and A LOT of their egg sacks! I killed one accidentally because I thought it was another widow, but the other I released back into my house under a cabinet ledge where the egg sacks are! You can tell the cob web spiders you have and the ones I have are related, they have so many similarities, it is so cool that around the same time of the year two people halfway around the world from each other come across the same kind of spider! Here is the link to the forum I was posting about them yesterday on here: I posted 2 pictures of the two spoders I found. Their scientific name is Steatoda triangulosa but common name is called the Triangulate Cob web spider. I am going to try to set up the egg sacks into some kind of enclosure, probably just for the winter so they are not overturning my house! LoL it is also funny we both have a Samsung, I thought you were going to say you had an IOS, b7t the Samsung S phones are really good too. My husband has an S2 for about 7 years and about two years ago we both got new ones and went with the Samsung Amp Prime. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Thanks :D (I got the idea from "The Dark Den" youtube channel ^-^)
Haha yeah, all the coincidences xD It's awesome to know that most likely someone somewhere on earth is going through similar things you are at any moment :D your Steatoda species are bigger than the ones we have here, I'd love to keep one of the bigger ones too :p I'd do the same thing with the egg sacs honestly :eek: I wouldn't want to potentially kill them by putting them outside if it's cold.. wouldn't want so many of them to hatch freely either, so maybe a container and throw old tights over it or so.
I used to have the S2 before I got the S5 cause the other one had charging issues, my boyfriend has the S3 still with a cracked screen xD
He's also arachnophobic and was not really happy when I told him I wanted to keep the house spider... By now he's used to the spiders and is less scared if he finds some at his place aswell :D So it really helps to watch them and learn about them to overcome the fear :happy:

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