Equador Blue Leg Tarantula

Equador Blue Leg Tarantula

Bought this tarantula with that title and that is it.. would like to know the latin name and any more information on this species.
I've seen it labeled as three things: Homeomma sp., Cyclosternum sp. "Cobalt Redrump", and Thrixopelma cyaneolum. They are a beautiful species and tend to be pretty friendly. At least my little girl is :)
Yes this guy is pretty docile. He was young in this pic and has matured into a male. I have also noticed the orange hairs on the abdomen are no longer present. He is now all dark blue but still has the orange stripes on his legs.
erm ... correct me if i am wrong but that also looks like Euathlus sp. "blue" pichidangue (hope i havnt butchered the spelling) blue beauty?? I noticed this thread as I have recently bought 2 E. sp. blue slings and on the spidershop site they have a photo that looks just like this one

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