Ephebopus murinus having a mid night snack.

Ephebopus murinus having a mid night snack.

I wonder if his crickets to him are like my cookies to me. Except he will eat one single cricket and I will eat one single whole bag. I could learn something from him.
Maybe if he had a cookie he'd want a whole bag too. And maybe if you had a cricket you'd only want one!

I think he's getting the crappy end of the stick if you ask me, but he sure is gorgeous. I have a friend who once told me the only way to eat cookies is by the bag. Why else would they only cost $2?
@spodermin I like the way you roll! I think your friend is a wise person who should share that knowledge with the world.

I don’t know he is truly a he because I have not been able to get a clear shot, but I feel like he is a male. I am waiting for a molt confirmation on this one. I have two sellers that have females at the moment for sell but I have other breeding projects that are ready now.

I love how beautiful these guys are. This one has a funny personality. He always moves so slow when I have to get in his space. He throws the cutest little threat posture I have ever seen. He slowly moves up and then slowly spreads his legs, and his pedipalps slowly move up, with his fangs still tucked and will stay like for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden he remembers his fangs are tucked and throws them open super fast but immediately starts using his pedipalps to mess with his fangs and slowly lowers back down and starts making a web, even if I am still cleaning or changing a water. So cute.

He is still a juvenile so I am very careful about getting in his space and I hope he stays a goof ball and calm but one never knows. I have heard these guys go both ways. So far, he is in the number 1 spot for funnest personality.

Um so yeah, I rank my spiders in different categories. Funnest, most calm, most defensive, most aggressive, best eater, worst eater, cleanest web construction, dirtiest web construction, most boring, most active.

I may have to much time on my hands....
@Drea you and I alike lol. For me that is my Phormictopus sp. green, he will explore his enclosure like a curious puppy, perching himself in all different places. He always moves very slow also, but will go into threat pose if I do anything in his cage... Yesterday he tried to attack me for taking his moss for peat sake! (pun intended) and then again when I was feeding him, which I caught on video. I knew he was gonna be trouble as soon as I got him, because he was the first T I had that would chase the paintbrush instead of move away from it! (this made me quite anxious for the first few minutes!) Haha always does a little butt gyrating happy dance when he gets food too. Absolutely adorable
@RezonantVoid it certainly looks like a molt mat and I am sure he will use it for that but he is just a weirdo.

He is the most on top swell, in view all the time fossorial that I have ever seen. When I first got him (feel like he is a he) he would make a hole that was only big enough for half of his body. And had plenty of room for more.

Then he was moved to a bigger and deeper enclosure with an anchor and a really awesome hole with a two hide options. One hid covered the tunnel I started. He closed off the hole I made and webbed up the top of the hide and lived there. He would walk around and build mounds, not holes.

After a while, I moved him to an even bigger area with more substrate only one hid, a complete built tunnel angled down that he could just take over and on open area where he could build his own if he wanted.

Once again, he burried the the hole, climbed on top of the hid and that is what see in the pic. He has lived about ground this whole time.
I know it’s not substrate because I get a bunch of coconut fiber, some vermiculite, and a dash of top soil and mix it all together in this huge bin. I have 8 other T’s that have made awesome burrows with the same batch.

Temp is good, humidity gets checked every 2 to 3 days, eats well, looks well, acts like a complete weirdo.
Tell me about it. I offer him food every day because he is so skinny. Gut loaded crickets, super worms, Dubai’s. I try them all.

He has been a stranger eater but he has been worse the past few months.

He just goes to his mat and tucks in. That is why I took the picture because I was so excited that he was eating. His appetite is picking up again because he ate two more after that. Hopefully he stays that way and puts on some weight.

Do you have any other suggestions of what to offer him or a fattier meal that will help him gain weight?
He is a juvenile. Body is 2”. He has 5 almost 6”of substrate made up of coco fiber, vermiculite, and some top soil. Water bowl. A hide that he stays on top of which isn’t new for him. Temp is 71 and humidity is 76 right now.

8” by 5” of open space to walk around. Only a water bowl there. The other side has the hide the is about 4”.

I don’t get it.

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