Enclosure question???

Enclosure question???

I recently acquired a new Borderus Collius sling. Help!!! What size of an enclosure do I need? I drop roaches right in front of her and she just stares! She also has a bald spot on her abdomen. She's making weird squeaking noises. Argh!!!
wow. that’s an awfully young looking sling. i prefer crates bc i have heard this sp is incredibly intelligent so potty training will be ez. unfortunately they will not take live food. try to have food soft (soft kibble by lightly watering). joking aside, how old is your new pup? it should b 8 wks that you should get it so that it gets proper food from mom and her socialization with her litter mates. a border collie was my first pup! she was so adorable, but i wasn’t ready for her crazy energy haha it took me a while to get used to. wow am i on a rant? i should stop :shy:
Oh gosh, you're waaaay in over your head in this one. It looks cute and docile now but it will become a handful in a couple of months...better give it to me before you're there :D
That little beastie looks seriously cute! A bit young to be away from momma i think.. Or do you have mom and pups with you?
She is with mom until March when she will join her half-sister here. She was born on Jan. 06. I truly believe I'm conflicted as I enjoy pets on both ends of the spectrum, T's that do almost nothing, and border follies that do not stop...ever.

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