E. Murinus
Make sure he’s got plenty of substrate to burrow. 6-8in at the least. Mature male I presume?
I am not sure of the sex, but it was sold as a female. He/she is about 3 inches. Right now I only have 5 inches of substrate, but I am planning a rehouse once it gets bigger.
@Moby oh I hope you didn’t buy it as a female. I have a MM and it looks exactly like yours. I know this species is dimorphic, meaning the male and female look completely different. Males have more of a brown color and females have more of a blackish tint. Do you see any hooks on the front pedipalps??
@Keke713 Does not look even remotely like a MM. If it is a male, it's a subadult one, so no need to bother looking for any hooks. It is pretty skinny though!
@Moby Just google "Ephebopus murinus mature male" ify you're not sure. All tarantulas get a more dull colour when they get close to a molt.
@Eva looks exactly like my mature male. But I guess it is hard to tell with just one pic. Either way was bought as a female, and if it is sub adult male it won’t be much longer till it reaches maturity.
@Keke713 Could you post a picture of your MM? Because I sense a big confusion in the air! o_O
edit: I found it :D
You do have a MM and it looks nothing like this!
@Eva hmmm so your saying female? Or are you just disagreeing with me saying MM? Clearly it’s not female. It may not be mature but it’s clearly a male. And in my experience it doesn’t take long for these guys to mature. Could you post a pic of your E. murinus???
@Keke713 Might be a female, might be a subadult male. I do not own an E. murinus, so I cannot post a picture of mine.

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