E. muranis

E. muranis

1. You need a closer pic, the EF area is not in focus. Turn on macro mode and go closer.

2. As for this pic, I'm saying female.
I know the pic isn't real good, but my camera sucks. I can't do macro, and if I get any closer the whole shot blurs. Need a new camera badly. I hope you right with female!!
The trick is this (for good camera with high resolution only): you can keep a distance from the T, far enough for the camera to focus right onto the T and then take a pic at maximum resolution. I mean you don't need the T to fill the entire pic, just make sure it is well-focused. Then you use photoshop or any photo editor to crop it just around the T then zoom in to make sure you can see the EF area clearly then upload it. Make sure to take it under good lighting as well.

I didn't use that trick on a T but on my palm with a white strand of hair and I was able to see it very clearly. Maybe just my camera.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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