i dunno i just got him just like that in the KK and everything i have no idea how to take care of it but i moved it to a 5 gallon KK with some dry substrate maybe now i can get a better picture.
Aye, was gonna say RCF G rosea.. it looks really leggy too so.. i would maybe haphazard a guess as male? Though the pic doesnt show any genetalia
If you're going to handle it you definately should not mistake a P. murinus for a G. rosea. You'd put your hand in the tank thinking you have a gentle hand pet, and when it came out you'd be wondering why you only have two fingers left.
lmaos from what spider fan said well yeah thats not a rosea i think its a murinus also, i have a rose hair and it dosnt look like that and yo ur tank looks small to squished in i have a medium tank and my Tarantula loves it

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