Dry enclosure

Dry enclosure

30 cm (12 in) glass cube for B. hamorii
Thanks, B. hamorii, she is still too small so, enclosure will be empty for at least a month until she moults.
What did you use for the background and how, do you have a link to a tutorial or anything?
It is just clay. I mixed two types, yellow and brown for more interesting effect. You put enclosure on back, add dry clay, pour some water and let it dry for few days. It is good to add some silicone on back, so clay have holding points, because if it fall down it may be disaster. I can show you video where guy makes something very similar, it is in polish, but at least you can see how it is done ;)

Thanks. I just used grass from my backyard unfortunately after few months it lost its green color. But enclosure is still holding well, plant is growing, spider also;) How it looks now :
Yes, succulents are perfect. For substrate I use mostly coco fiber, mixed with sand, clay, also clay balls (mostly at bottom). But plant are inside pot, with normal soil.
You are welcome :)
What did you use for the front glass to slide into?
What are the track bars?
@Yaylor It is aluminium 'U' profile rail. Plastic one would be better, but could't find any. So I bought aluminium rail in hardware store, cut it, and painted black.

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