Dolomedes sp. ID?
I'm torn between D. tenebrosus and D. okefinokensis. I unfortunately don't know where she was found as my boyfriend bought her from an expo without asking. She's about 3.5" and laid a fertile eggsac (we have a ton of babies), so the size makes me think D. tenebrosus
In all likelihood, she was collected from the wild by whoever sold her. So where are you approximately?
@VanessaS We're from NJ, but she was bought in NY at an expo. Based on that, it could only be D. tenebrosus. But I have seen sellers at the expo with D. okefinokensis, which is why I'm uncertain
@Ungoliant The carapace matches, but is it possible for D. scriptus to lack the light banding along the sides? And to reach such a large legspan? I was hoping you would comment because you're great with true spiders, but you threw me a curveball with this ID! Lol
@PidderPeets I am primarily going by the unbroken white "W" markings on the abdomen in your other photo, which (according to BugGuide) is a way to distinguish D. scriptus from other species. (D. tenebrosus does not have this.)

Coloring is pretty variable; they're not all that light on the sides.

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