Do you know what is this?

Do you know what is this?

found it today
Seems the Tegenaria domestica we used to catch waaay back then. Could be wrong about the specie now but IMO looks like a genus Tegenaria male. Harmless, of course :)
But seriously, if you want even a semi-accurate identification, we need some info. What state was this in? City? Time of day? Was there any webbing nearby?
@EulersK Her profile says Bulgaria as nation. My guess is genus Tegenaria. In the Eastern part there's plenty of those as well. Still ain't sure about the specie: I say T.domestica 1.0 but could be wrong :)
For instance, by this picture I don't/can't see well if there's the 'violin' sign on the prosoma, so yes, I say T.domestica male, but with few doubts.
Thank you both for the comments, it looks like T.domestica to me also. I will upload another picture with better quality - I kept it and it is a beautiful big spider :)

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