DIY Enclosure
semmy juarez

DIY Enclosure

had leftover stuff. Is this ok DIY ENCLOSURE?
It's unclear in the picture. Does it have ventilation? Or are you putting something in it that does not need ventilation?
That rock looks pretty heavy. Watch it doesn’t fall and squish your critter if it decides to dig.
I haven’t got any thing yet. Any suggestions on slings? I’m adding air holes at the moment. And I hot glued the cork bark to the side it holds really well.
It looks like you made it out of old CD cases. Not bad for a DIY. If you're going for a small terrestrial sling, I would suggest more substrate to reduce the risk of climbing and injuries. However, if you decide arboreal, you'd have to adjust the piece of cork to be vertical and add some fake plants along the edges for web anchors as well as cross ventilation.

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