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Disappointing substrate level, need more?!

Disappointing substrate level, need more?!

I bought FOUR blocks of 8liter eco earth, have been spending DAYS trying to just provide a safe habitat... and look how little I have to show for it. My damn terrarium isn't even half full. I laid out all the soggy coconut-based soil in the sun today on a shower curtain, and was upset some blew away
This is a 10 gallon terrarium. I'm refusing to use a smaller terrarium, like any smart person would have done by now. I wonder how many more blocks I must buy of this stuff? Sheesh.
What concerns me is that EVERY night Cameron does NOTHING other than crawl on the ceiling. I thought maybe the substrate was too dry, hence taking it all out to dry today... maybe that caused it to shrink a lot, too (less moisture trapped, less volume)
With that much effort, wouldn't it be better to just get an enclosure that is not meant for fish, so that you wouldn't have to dump a whole truck-load of dirt into it? :rofl:
Well that's it, i can't take this any longer. I'm going to Walmart, I'm a complete idiot sometimes.
Why are you refusing to use the correct enclosure? You're gonna cause stress and even cause harm to your T with the mesh top alone.
@Winterfr3sh Does this tank have a lip inside of it on top?? It doesn't look like it, it would be easier if it did... you can always rig it, but go to home depot and get a piece of acrylic..it comes in all sizes..you can get a little saw and cut it if you need to. Then drill small holes into it and just make sure the holes are clean and boom! A safe non mesh top!
@Winterfr3sh they can get stuck in the mesh. It's a pain to find spider enclosures too. Everything has mesh. You could just do a critter keeper if you wanted to or order online.. but theres so much you can do, depending on style you're wanting.

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