Deinopis Subrufa MM
The females apparently have the largest eyes of any known spider. The retina in the eye is rebuilt every night because their extreme light sensitivity means that daylight destroys them
Relocated him since the treated timber in the jobsite kills just about any invertebrates exposed to it for long enough. They are incredibly placid and easy to manage
At first glance I thought it was a stick insect. Very cool spider! You found it on a jobsite in a bunch of wood? I know these are also found on banks of creeks/streams/rivers and lakes. They like to use their webbing for fishing.
The first time I saw one of these (same genus, different species), I thought it was a bit of Spanish moss that was stuck to my screen door.
@mantisfan101 they are unique in that they actively use web but are a visual hunter. Because they use up a bit of protein making their net which they cast over prey, they need to have absolutely flawless vision to spot movement on the ground in pitch black darkness to make to gain back what was used building their net.
@BCspiderman7 this fellow was just hanging on some electrical wire, next to a wall stud. If he was sitting against some spindly grass I'd doubt I'd ever see him, even though he is the size of my hand.
I have witnessed them fishing before, I'm amazed the silk doesn't lose it's stickiness when it hits the water though
Do you have a source for the fact about their eyes? That’s pretty cool if it’s true.
@NYAN Spidentify app and Ive seen it on several documentaries in the past (names have left me, but Spidentify definitely has it)
@RezonantVoid thanks! also, do you know of a good guide online for identifying Australian spiders? There’s bugguide here for Canada and the US.
@NYAN, but that is mostly based around northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. Mostly I just compare a bunch of Google results, spidentify, sometimes wikipedia and my own collection when it comes to IDing spiders for people. Our spiders are pretty poorly classified so it can get tricky to find one site with every bit of info needed

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