Deadly Combination (H.Macq)
Hoping for the best with my Macquariensis pairing, if he keeps happy dancing for no reason I fear it won't go well
I am unfamiliar with any type of pairing, so if you wouldn't mind indulging me, why does the random happy dance give you an inkling that the pairing won't go well? Is he not doing the proper tap sequence or is it something else?
@lostbrane all in all nothing happened. He just began webbing everywhere and sat still

I was concerned the vigorous movement might provoke a feeding response as she was definitely curious about the spectacle, she came out breifly before retreating and holding the lid shut. He tapped a bit once but after one and a half hours of nothing more than webbing, attacking a passing fly and then sitting still I felt it best to wait for another occasion
@Venom100 I'm the only known person keeping them, I make on offer to people that catch them. Typically I like to reward people reasonably for catching something so deadly, $80 AUD for a female and $45 for a male but less as I get more. Petshops here are masterminds of overpricing the few spiders they sell so I never buy from them.

The most expensive deadly ones we have are Missulena sp., Hadronyche Infensa and Formidabilis, and A.Robustus. I just had to pay $145 for a female Missulena Bradleyi last night
@RezonantVoid wow that’s fairly cheap. A guy I was talking to on Facebook told me that Hacq you have is very rare outside of Australia with him personally only knowing one person with one. I’m am currently in the process of ordering a M. Gigas and M. Holsti as close as I’ll get to your beautiful specimens.
@Venom100 they are rare outside of Australia because they are nonexistent outside of Australia :rofl: I'll search those other 2. Also, is that other H.Macq owner in Aus? If so I'd like to contact them as I have 2 males I'm keen to get as much use out as possible
@Venom100 I hate to draw conclusions but sounds like illegally exported to me. These things have so little research done on them it's not like there's a bunch of them readily available. But all in all pretty impressive they pulled it off
@RezonantVoid definitely possible, I know he may be the only person outside of Australia with one. So With that being said I could speculate that as well. Australia has some of the best arachnids. You are lucky to be able to work with those specimens only people like my self could wish to work with.

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