Dead Psalmopoeus irminia?

Dead Psalmopoeus irminia? my 3 new slings arrived.
Sadly this one looks rather dead.
Is there any hope it might only play dead or e molting?
Hmmmm... Well it doesn't quite look like the usual death curl. I wouldn't mess with it any further just in case it's trying to molt. From what I understand, T's get stressed during transit and it can induce a molt. Keep the substrate moist but not soaked as long as you still think there is hope. If it hasn't moved after a few days, I would assume the worst. Check up on it regularly to see if it has moved at all. Also, don't offer food.
@Beedrill Thanks a lot for your imput. The substrate was already prepared by me and isnt too moist. And yes, offering food now would sure result in the T's death.
What happened to this, was it dead? I just had 6 slings arrive, including an irminea, which looked exactly like yours.

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