Dead leg? Advice?
Please read my longer comment, need adivce
Picture isn't very clear as my phone refuses to focus on my slings. When I first got this A.Seemanni sling one of its legs was clearly pretty dead, as I was trying to look the leg came off as the sling brushed its web. I thought nothing of it as I knew it would grow back after a molt. This is now almost a month after his molt (30th June molted) and the same leg, first right next to pedipalp, appears to be turning a brownish colour again and is looking thinner than the other legs. Does this mean the leg is dying again for some reason or could it just be a colour difference as the leg was regrown? Never had this sort of issue before so if anyone is more experienced could really use a second opinion on what actions to take, whether it be to remove or leave it x
Regenerated legs usually look smaller and lesser formed than normal legs the first few molts after regeneration. Just give it a few more molts and you shouldn't even be able to tell it was ever missing :)
Thank you guys so much, he's one of my favourite slings so I was worried but he was feeding fine and everything, thank you again I shall leave him to it x I'll leave this picture up just incase someone else has this issue and isn't sure x

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