Davus Pentaloris 1". (Microscope shot)
Any ideas? I see 2 bulbs and a flap that can be moved when wet. Posting more pictures in the comments down below. thanks for the advice!!
@JamesGSixx That's because your T. is still small and not mature. As a T. grows and becomes mature, the spermathecae becomes more developed and yours is small and not an adult yet. But in due time its spermathecae will look like that. And that picture is a pic of a fully mature T. spermathecae.
@Liquifin Got it. Thanks Liquifin. Do you know where i can find pictures of what male organs look like in tarantulas? I'm curious to know if they have flaps and bulbs just like females.
@JamesGSixx i would suggest searching something like "Male tarantula accessory organs" Not all species have them but the ones that do are usually 2 roundish objects, no flap.
Those are male accessory organs and look nothing like the spermathecae of this species. They are small, spaced far apart, and there is no evidence of a uterus externus.
@JamesGSixx The best resource for that kind of information is World Spider Catalogue, although you won't find samples of male accessory organs, because they are not used by taxonomists to identify species. You will find spermathecae samples, because those are used for identification. You need to sign up for an account, but it is always free. You will find everything you need there and I access it all the time. You can find it at World Spider Catalogue.

@JamesGSixx I initially thought it was female until I looked at a picture of my own Davus pentaloris, which was not much bigger than yours (1.5"). Even when small, the spermathecae are close together, not spaced apart like in yours.

@boina thinks it's female, though.

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