Damon medius pair
Gnarled Gnome

Damon medius pair

Damon medius pair that I house in my 360 terrarium. I posted a previous pic of the spermatophore. Now the female (left) is gravid. If you look close you can see the egg sac under her abdomen. Can't wait to see the little whiplings.
Nice! I got a female but no male...good luck! Also got any spare males? My female just molted and I wanna try and breed them again
I'm hoping to get a larger breeding program going, so maybe, maybe not. Not counting my spiders before they're hatched. I'll let you know.
No sorry, haven't got any other males. I got lucky finding these at a show cuz I haven't seen any diadema for sale.
@Gnarled Gnome This is great! Getting a CB population of medius going is also a goal of mine. Successfully hatched a brood earlier this summer. Babies are doing great. :)
@aphono I'd appreicate that if you could! I believe that there should be wc imports this coming spring so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some.
@mantisfan101 Very interesting, where did you hear of this? I sort of see medius on sale regularly at a LRS & reptile expos. The thing I worry about though is so many of them are quite stressed and wouldn't feel good about shipping these so soon? edit to add- perhaps we should take this to PM? as not to take over this thread.

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