damaged to chelicerae
I'm betting it's one of two extreme scenarios. Either your spider just got off the plane and is thirsty is all get out, or your spider has been sitting around in a pet shop getting subpar care. That species does not like water unless it's just dying of thirst.
Could the dark chelicerae just be a matter of having gotten wet in the water dish? That would be good news.
@Dovey thank you for the advice. Someone earlier suggested I move it out of icu but I am loathe to mess with it again so for now I have just created a dry area in icu for him to find if he wants or is able.
@Trincess people sound more critical than they mean to be. They're just trying to get the story straight. You may feel like you're doing nothing, but you may be doing more than you realize. It's constructive criticism, believe me. It's just that you really want an answer right now about what's up with your beloved new creature, but in order to get it you're going to have to set up your information in such a way that we can absorb it all.
It's like when you say I've been sleeping fine to your doctor but you've got circles under your eyes and a massive coffee in your hands. We're just trying to sort it out. As a teacher, I'm really used to the Socratic method, which is to ask challenging questions until you get a really complete response. That's what this process is.
@Dovey ok I’ll bear that in mind. I just panicked because this is a new and unexpected scenario for me and I came here for advice but didn’t know how to put it all in one place. Sorry
But sooner or later your students tell you to STFU, at least in their heads!
@Trincess I apologize if you are perceiving my concern as rudeness. With that being said, what I said stands and furthermore if your spider is still in an ICU - dry spot or no- you are ignoring valuable advice you have been given. Still not being rude.

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