damaged to chelicerae
This would be so much easier if it were all in one collective thread on the forum.... Under Tarantula Questions....
It looks odd, yes. Unsure if it's damage or the hairs are gone. As others have said, you really need to leave it alone. Constantly hovering over it, photographing it and such, moving it in and out of ICU, etc.... It's stressed and it's (possibly) last moments on earth are not peaceful. It needs to be left alone at this point. Please.
Looks like discoloration of Hair??? Do you have more photos somewhere? Take as many good pictures as you can, and maybe put them in their own post. Is the area wet? Is there white material coming out of its mouth? Do you see actual physical crush or puncture damage or the like? When you describe its behavior is "poorly," what do you mean?

Also when did it last eat? When did it last molt? How long have you had it? Give us a case study with as much information and data as you possibly can. The gals and guys on here are pretty amazing. Doctor House, step back!
@Trincess I'd strongly suggest making a thread in the Questions subforum if you'd like more help. You can attach all of these pictures to the same thread. It's extremely cumbersome to flip between your pictures to get all of the details, and many people with valuable information may not help simply because it's too much of a hassle.
@Trincess that's not what you've been saying. In ICU out of ICU, in the water dish out of the water dish.... and what I mean about the forum is that if you posted this as a question in tarantula questions and not as a series of photos, you'd likely get more coherent responses and all in one place making your situation much easier to see for those who want to help/understand. See what I'm saying?
We were all new once, but I second the emotion of little gray spider and EulersK. A couple of times I've given you information without realizing you were the same person with the same spider. Take some time and just set up your first thread. It's not hard. If you need help, EulersK is a staff member and will be glad to give it. Don't be afraid to ask. We all remember how it was to be intimidated and frustrated, but it'll be like riding a bike within a day or two. You won't even have to think about it.

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