D. Diamantinensis Sling
@CommanderBacon terrible pic and I apologize. It was slow moving and cooperating when moving it from its shipment container so I didn’t want to wait any longer. I saw how fast and easily spooked they are at this size/age and it’s NUTS!! Soo fast. Luckily it was secure in its enclosure when it went crazy!
Mine was tiny like a piece of belly button lint when I first got it - so wee and fluffy I couldn't make out its eyes or legs. it stayed in its burrow until a recent rehouse, but now it's out ALL THE TIME. Also very fast! Any movement, and it's gone.

Good eater, though! Nice and plump and shiny. I'm not feeding it again until it molts!

What size is this sling? It looks about the same size as mine - around 1".
@CommanderBacon yea it’s about 3/4-1” more on the 3/4 size I’d say. I’m terrible st guesstimating sizes still. I didn’t know they would burrow. Had seen where most provided little moist substrate and they webbed up everything. That’s what I did, it’s hiding in the cork bark piece in there with it. Can’t wait to see it get some size and color. How often were/are you feeding yours?
I feed mine once a week or so, a tiny cricket. I have offered live and prekilled. It has eaten both with no hesitation. I just took a picture of him because he’s hanging around out of his burrow, so I’ll post it!

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