Cyriopagopus longipes?
Drew Stevens

Cyriopagopus longipes?

Pretty sure this is haplopelma (cyriopagopus) longipes but several other species look nearly identical. He was sold as a Thai tiger which I’ve heard can be multiple species, picture taken in premolt
FYI this is a mature male, I want to be sure on identification because I really want to send him off for breeding loans
@Mychajlo thanks, I’ve been questioning his identity for a while. This is about a week before he molted in the picture. After he molted the skin on the top of the abdomen didn’t form right and is bare of the hairs. What little remains near the spinnerets has very vibrant stripes and his legs have brighter stripes.
That's a mature male?? Are you really sure? It doesn't look leggy enough to me but then it may only be the angle.

For it to be Cyriopagopus longipes leg IV needs to be longer than leg I.
@boina it recently molted and has emboli, this is an older picture but after the molt the abdominal hair came off leaving bare skin, figured this’d be better for identification because you can see the abdomen pattern.
@Mychajlo I’m new to arachnoboards and don’t know how to send pictures, I can send more pictures and some to show the spinarettes over at @lair_of_tarantulas on instagram?
@Drew Stevens I don’t have instagram, not to sound rude, I’m not trying to I promise, but couldn’t you look at the spinarettes and tell if they are orange lol

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