Cyriopagopus lividus [1/2]
New here! But had to join after i finally coauthor a picture of my beauty. Second time I’ve caught em drinking this week!!! Ignore the ginormous water dish i just Rehoused and wanted it to be somewhat the same And less stressful since this is same day as rehousing
Spider is beautiful but setup for it seems to be incorrect. They are obligate burrowers from Asia, meaning your spider needs much more substrate and it will like it damp. Exo terra cubes might be pretty, however they don't allow us to put enough substrate for fossorial tarantulas and they are unnecessarily high. I recommend you change it for something that will allow for your T to make a deep burrow where it can feel safe.
@Hoxter this is my second haplopelma lividum. This one never burrowed after 3 months so I’ve always had to help. There is plenty of substrate in the terrarium it’s just not pictured because i was focused on it drinking which is rare to see. But there is a burrow and the exo terra has fantastic cross breeze and is better in my opinion than the 10 gallon tank with screen top i rehoused it from. This one likes to climb everywhere also which is why i switched. I didn’t want a fatal fall. There is a pre made burrow i made and the t is currently inside it now and has it webbed closed at the entrance. So I’d say it was a successful non stressful transition from its last house
@Anthony B My guess would be there was something in previous enclosure that didn't encourage burrowing for her. Did you keep her as dry as here? Maybe lack of more moisture on deeper levels was the thing.
I'd say I have a fairly good image of how deep substrate is in current setup and doesn't seem to be enough for these species. Well, here's my opinion. You're free to do anything you want with it anyways. :)

btw. It's Cyriopagopus lividus now.

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