Could you help me to find out what tarantula is it?

Could you help me to find out what tarantula is it?

But doesn't it look exactly like a Aphonopelma anax? I was told by a friend that it could be the one of A. anax species.
Do you know anything of the history of this tarantula, as in where it came from, habits, etc.? It does indeed look like Aphonopelma anax, and it's certainly a New World species, since it's got urticating hairs. My A. anax looks just that, so I'd go with Aphonopelma SOMETHING, but many US spiders in that genus look very much alike. Knowing where it was captured would help.

WOW, thats a beautiful spider... If we can find out WHAT it is, Id like to know how much it would cost. That is ofcourse if we can buy it.
I could be seeing things, but I think I see a tibial spur on the on the leg to the left (and a very blurry one on the right). If that is the case, and it is a MM, good luck finding out what it is. Many males of the aphonopelma genus change color upon maturing. I think figuring out where it was collected would be the most helpful. Good luck!

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