Cool looking spider but I don’t know what he is.

Cool looking spider but I don’t know what he is.

My back door was open for a while and this guy came on in. He walks unbelievably fast and LDS is a little bit bigger than a Quarter.
It's some type of harvestman (Opiliones), but I couldn't give you an exact species. While they are arachnids, they are not spiders. They're pretty neat, regardless
That explains after looking at a thousand pictures, nothing came close. Do they get bigger or is this about it. He has the spikes at the end of “pedipalps”?

He is super cool looking.
@Drea those modified pedipalps are similar to what amblypygi and vinegaroons have, they assist with crushing prey items. I have seen some pretty fancy harvestmen down here, one species had 2" long mantis-style pedipalps for catching mayflys
I have been online for hours looking these things up. The only one that found that looks like this is from Europe. So not helpful. There was multiple articles about several species being endangered in my area because of the amount of pesticides used. It’s all farm land here.

Just in case this little dude was on the list, I let him go right away in my tomato garden. I don’t use pesticides so he should be safe. Good food souce for him there too. Still super cool to see this walking/running across my floor.
@Drea great thing you did. I have personally seen how land development can obliterate short-range-endmic species, so hopefully if they are living in your yard unaffected by pesticides now, they will continue to do so into the future
I hope so. It is horrible to see so many species of insects and arachnids going extinct because they have no where to live. So many see a “bug” of any kind and kill it so it makes sense that space for them to live and thrive isn’t on many people top priority list. It is very unfortunate.

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