Can someone please confirm what this is? And any advice on keeping is welcome
Not sure which Pokie it is. Possible metallica? The photo is not very clear. 3-4" of semi moist substrate cork bark dug in and leaning on the side of the enclosure and add a water dish. Make sure you have good cross ventilation. Preferably a front opening as well as a top opening enclosure. Don't get bit. It would help to add the size of the T.
Did you get it from a expo,did you order it online?Did you find it
on the fence in Manchester?:playful:.
@mack1855 Lol. It came to us
as a rescue T as its owner was taken into care. Was about to be thrown in the trash with 4 others we are also trying to identify. We have never owned any old worlds before
OK..well,you have been on AB for a while I you have
some idea whats involved with OW arboreals.Im sure you can
deal with far as this thinking P.vittata.
Some form of Poecilotheria. Definitely not metallica, subfusca LL or subfusca HL. I think tigrinawesseli can be ruled out due to the leg patterns. I'm leaning towards rufilata, maybe ornata but I'm not very sure so don't quote me on it. Ventral photo would be great for identification.
This looks like a P. ornata, what size is it??? They're sexually dimorphic at 3'' if it is a ornata....
My P. ornata did not have these markings at 2". I'm putting my money on P. subfusca lowland :D Although I am horrible at identifying T's :rofl:

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