Communal 00.03.00 H. Hottentotta 6i
@Falsielove13 Adults are good in communal set-ups, but be aware that they are capable of parthenogenesis. Once one of them seems gravid, just remove her. These 3 are all in 6th instar, also this is an old photo, i have a communal set-up with about 30 in it.
@Arachnotroik thanks for this info! I'll have to give it a go. I sold most of my adults and kept 1. And last month was her second brood and got 32 scorplings from her. Couldn't believe it! Do you keep them a little more tropic than Franzwerneri or Salei? I keep mine drier and a little warmer more like A Mauritanicus than like H.H.
By them I mean the Franz and Salei get kept similar to my Androctonus except misted down more frequently. The HH gets kept a little cooler and on Coco fibre and play sand
@Falsielove13 Salei is very rare here in my place, I have some Franz but they are quite rare & pricey too. I only do communal set-ups if i have multiple number of a specific species. The closest species to Franz & Salei that i've done is Hottentotta jayakari. You can check my gallery for pictures. But i might do a Franzwerneri communal set-up when the time comes. Regarding on how i keep them, i usually keep Hottentotta sp's with a substrate mixture of coco fibre/peat & sand. I never mist them, I'm scared of mycosis, Lol. But i do have a shallow waterbowl for them.
Got it. I have small Salei and a pair of small Franzwerneri but they stay separated. I'm too scared to put them together until they finally mature out. They are definitely too expensive to mess up with! I personally don't use water dishes because that's to date the only way I've lost a scorp is drowning so I choose to lightly mist a small spot once a week or before a molt.

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