Comfy Moss
Made my first major error as a keeper. I kept her substrate way way too damp, and she went from a voracious eating machine to refusing food and climbing the walls. I put as much sphagnum moss in there as I can to try and soak up that extra humidity, rehousing coming soon!
She finally broke her hunger strike today so that was a sigh of relief. In honor of my mistake, I meme'd a video of her hunting starring Jotaro and Dio.

I hope you all have as much fun watching the clip as I had making it!

JoJo Meme:
Cricket finishes talking shit then you see the A. seemanni's leg in the background "NANI!?!?"

Good news too, she finally ate for the first time yesterday. I can't wait much longer to get her out of this tank. I need that substrate to come in so I can get her in a much better, healthier space so she'll go back to her original eating habits. The B. albo on the other hand is a pig. She eats everything I put in the enclosure, and she's been renovating non-stop for the past three days, including dumping substrate constantly into the water dish... the things we do for love.
It's awesome what she's built (B. albo). She's made it to the bottom corner of my enclosure, and with that digging there's now both a window on the side and rear of the enclosure that let's me see her in the tunnels. I'll be watching her for sure to see if she digs up into the corner and makes a second burrow entrance there.

I feel so terrible for my seemanni though. I can tell she doesn't like the enclosure, and I didn't really take into account her DLS when drilling the ventilation holes, so at 6 inches across, she's able to scale the walls easily. Gonna need a new enclosure and hide ASAP.

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