Collection of tarantulas. Plus three scorpions.

Collection of tarantulas. Plus three scorpions.

There's a heatpad taped to the backwall because it gets bloody cold here sometimes. They're a good 12" + away from it. It mainly just heats up the ambient temp for them.
Left to right: Lasiodora parahybana, Brachypelma albopilosum, Brachypelma smithi (bottom), Grammostola rosea (top), 3x Heterometrus petersii, 2x Monocentropus balfouri, Poecilotheria regalis (bottom), Poecilotheria fasciata (top), Cyclosternum fasciata (bottom), Nhandu chromatus (top), Brachypelma boehmei bottom, Brachypelma vagans top, 2x Pteroinchilus murinus - Apart from one of the scorpions which I believe is male, the rest are unsexed.
Keep an eye about the 'OBT' because one day, you never know, will jump out starting to "hiss" something like:
"... but tonight i'm cleaning out my closet " and as Spartacus, free all the T's :-s
@Cordyceps Good idea with the heat mat. If you're still struggling during the winter, try this out. Put the mat flat on the shelf (obviously not under any T's) and put a few terracotta pots on top of it, upside down. The smaller the better. You can buy tiny ones at craft stores for about $0.50 each. It helps diffuse the heat much better than the mat can by itself.
Thank you very much
So the heatmat sits flat on the ground (or rather the wood in my closet) then I have the small pots and then I sit the spiders vivs on the pots? Say on the larger two on the left side, I could have one in each corner and the others. What about if I got a bunch and then used a bit of thin wood and had the pots as separators and supporting the thin piece of wood upon which I'll place the ts. Have you got a picture or a thread in which someones used a similar setup?

Lately to help, we've started closing the door to the lounge and kitchen. All our bedrooms are down one hall and in one spare room I have a leopard gecko, a tortoise and 4 water dragons all using heat bulbs that run most of the time (there's timers set to put them on fifteen minute breaks during the warmer parts of the day) and with the door shut, their heat, plus the heat from the two pcs in the house, the monitors, my 42" tv and my ps4 all keep the area quite warm as long as the doors are shut and curtains closed. So it's not as cold at night. I've got the heatmat on the lowest setting when I even use it these days. If you touch it you can barely feel the heat, plus they're a good distance from it.
I've got a ton of books. I could place the t's in front of the books on the shelf. As there's room but I'd probably get a separate shelf first. Though the spare room in my bedroom is dwindling. I used to have a pet room, where they lived with the 4 water dragons, a tortoise and a leopard gecko, but I've started a slowly moving them to my room as we want to let the room to a boarder to help with money. The ts were the first. Then the gecko. I've got to construct a shelf for the tortoise and the water dragons.
@Chris LXXIX
I've heard some mutterings when I've randomly woken up in the night. I even caught the words "Soon comrade, be patient" the other day, When I open the door, they go from all standing at the edges, standing up on their legs like people to pretending to be totally normal. I think they're gas lighting me
@Cordyceps If you're staying above 70F, then I wouldn't even think about providing extra heat. Much below 65F and people tend to start heating in some way - I routinely dip to 60F. Keep in mind, though, that I primarily keep NW species. They're much hardier than their OW brethren, generally.

I actually don't have a picture, but I've used it in the past. A smaller version, at least. I had a cluster of about 10 slings that needed to stay warmer during the winter, so I did exactly what you had set up. It helped, but it didn't resolve the problem. Putting just two large terracotta pots on the heat mat raised it significantly, and it's how I kept them through a winter. I'm sure your idea would work fine, although I always hesitate at placing heat under the T.

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