Client Brought This Home

Client Brought This Home

Can anyone tell me what type she is. I support adults with learning disabilities and the client arrived home with this.
Its an Asian species....those gloves won't keep you out of the ER should it tag you...please don't handle ever.

Good rule of thumb, if you don't have a clue what it is, don't let it out of the enclosure.
Most definitely an Old World Asian species, so it is good you're wearing gloves but they have medically significant venom. I would heavily advise against handling. Without more pictures and info from whoever it was who first had it, it's difficult to define. Nonetheless, this is definitely a species that should not be held nor really even owned by someone who is not experienced with old world tarantulas
Thank you I support adults with learning disabilities and they bought it back. I know a little bit about truantulas as my son wanted one and wondered what it was as every time they went to get it out it raised its legs into the strike pose
@Sarahj123 Just to reiterate, this is a potent species. We're talking about a lot of pain that will last for quite awhile. Since you are their guardian of some kind, I'd suggest getting rid of it immediately. That's a liability nightmare.
@Sarahj123 You really should NOT EVER get it out. It's not only highly venomous it's also incredibly fast. If it decides to make a run for it your eyes will be too slow to follow it's progress and it will very likely get lost in the house. Then you have a tarantula with bad enough venom to kill a cat or a dog on the loose. (In one study about Australian tarantulas with similar venom every dog that got bit died, including large hunting dogs.)
@Sarahj123 If he's the one making the decisions you may want to suggest to him to look into the bite reports on this site for Cyriopagopus or Haplopelma (the old name) species - they are no fun.

Those spiders are also not that easy to keep alive, they need constantly moist substrate with very good ventilation.

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