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Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens M/F?

New to the hobby, was wondering if it is possible to determine the sex of my 2-2.5” gbb through this photo. Unfortunately this is the only photo i took before tossing the molt.

Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens M/F?
Levarius, Oct 18, 2019
    • Thekla
      It's very difficult to see. Could you try to spread it out a bit further and then take a better illuminated and in focus picture of just the area between the upper book lungs?

      Oops, just read you threw away the moult... pity. ;)
      Sorry, but with this picture, I wouldn't hazard a guess. ;)
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    • Levarius
      @Thekla Yeah no worries, I figured as much with this pic. I’ll just have to wait for the next molt. Thanks. ;)
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    Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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    Oct 18, 2019
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