Chromatopelma cyaneopobescens
She's still wants to be a model. Not even the bright light bothers her. She's out for most of the night, on this exact spot and only retreats in the morning. She was so shy before, and now I might actually have to warn people that visit me, that one of my T's is actually out and visible. Crazy.
Nice T, but...
Where's her webbing? My rosie can beat that webbing! lol
Seriously, my GBB looks like she lives in a cotton candy floss machine. :)
@Ellenantula most of it is in her hide, right behind that corcbark in a mat on the floor, and she's only been in this enclosure for two weeks. She will probably web this up more, in time^^
Yeah, it takes a while for them to totally web up an enclosure. I forget that sometimes (had mine for like 5 years or so). I used to never see her with all that webbing, but now she just sits on top like a pet rock. Hope yours will prove more interesting and active!!! :)
Lovely T -- thanks for posting the pix.

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