Chilobrachys sp. Vietnam Blue 0.1
First thing right after you rehouse a burrower, take a pic ! :D
I really would like to own one of these. The wife doesn't want old world T's until our daughter is older. I agree with her to a point. Safety is safety. Its like saying she can only have a Mustang gt, Porsche's are to dangerous. No my daughter doesn't have a car. She is 3. Just explaining her argument.
@03ISA Maybe could you at least try to convince her by puting a lock on the front and top opening. Nothing should happens, exept if you try to handle it.. :p
Yea, I agree. I'm up to 14 in my collection so I cant complain to much.

I dont mind waiting a little. But it wont be years. Maybe when shes 5. That's no so terrible.

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