Chilean Rose

Chilean Rose

I believe her to be female but can't be 100% sure it's my first T, just over a year I've owned her now.
There is not way to tell the sex from that pic. Check out the sexing section to get an idea of what type of pic to post so we can sex it for you.
any tips on how to get a picture of underneath? not exactly willing to pick her up lol...and don't think I can get a clear photo through the tank.
she isn't gonna like freak out and try attacking me is she? lol
just don't wanna hurt her either though. not got THAT much faith in myself to hold her like that.
Please get her off the wood chips. Try dry Eco Earth. As for sexing I'd try what the other person said or try getting her up the side of the tank.
I agree that you should get rid of the wood chips asap, my guatamala redrump died from an infection on the bottom her abdomen from an injury she got by dragging her abdomen on the rough wood chips

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