Chilean Rose or Zebra T? Sold as CRH. [2/3]

Chilean Rose or Zebra T? Sold as CRH. [2/3]

Following on from my last post. These are the true colours.
@Goopyguy56 I wouldn’t say a full bright orange but a combination of orange brown and blonder hairs. Her spinnerets are also a soft blonde/ginger colour.
@@Goopyguy56 I just got a better look and I would say a peachy, tan shade describes the underside perfectly. Thank you for your help :)
Yep looks like my A. Seemanni as well. See my profile pic. Definitely not a rose hair. Great T's . I suggest taking that rock out and adding more sub . They like to burrow not climb. A .Seemanni is a terrestrial species. Falling from that rock could injure your T. You don't want them to be able to climb much. Keep everything low and provide 6+ inches of sub .
It looks like a rock on the photo but it’s just a little bark hide. I’ll deffo be adding more substrate in the morning. This was just a make do as it was an unexpected gift. Thank you so much for your help and advice :) x

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