Centruroides cf. noxious collected in SE AZ. USA

Centruroides cf. noxious collected in SE AZ. USA

Juvunile Centruroides cf. noxious collected in South Eastern Arizona, United States. My set up for ID needs a little work. Later this week I'll make new viewing cases.
Thank you as well. It is a great asset for those of us that are trying to learn to have people that are willing to provide their knowledge. Much appreciated.


One of the local pet trade guys is trying to get me connected with a guy that studies scorpions in Flagstaff. I'm really excited about that. I have two or three that really need to be looked at for species confirmation. The guy I talked to also has a good book on counting hairs on Aphonopelma. He said he would help sort out mine. Luckily they all have capture point data.
@MathiasVG It depends on what you are looking for. But yeah, if you just want the common stuff you can walk out your back door with a blacklight and find them. I tend to look for the species that are very uncommon or endemic to certain areas. That's a lot of work.
It is. If you are ever in AZ give me a heads up and we will go on an excursion.

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