Caribena versicolor
@VanessaS Yeah, best way to do it. Especially when you are shooting macros. Man made stuff looks awful under scope. lol
Very cool looking enclosure. I used live plants for my Avicularia avicularia enclosure also. Little more work having to water and prune, but done right and taken care of they look awesome.
Oh, sorry, yeah, I don't use real plants in my enclosures. I got the brown thumb. I'm pretty basic when it comes to housing. Lol If you notice, my pics are mainly taken out of their enclosures. This isn't even my versicolor anymore, I put her on a plant I saw in the room and took these before her departure.
Great photo and beautiful versicolor but that's kinda sad you don't have it anymore.
@Kydog100 Actually one of those times that was a happy departure. A local friend lost his recently, so it was a B-day gift. And plus, I have raised a lot of them of the years. Meant more to him than me. I got enough spiders. Lol

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