Caribena Versicolor Male or Female?
How you guys can see from here if is male or female ? Thanks
I have a male, so I know what a male will look like. Females have obvious slits like yours, so congrats.
@codicez It's blurry, but the half-oval slit between the upper set of booklungs is very pronounced and something that only females have. Males would be flat there with a small, dark and very dense patch of setae between the booklungs. Females also have a much wider space between the upper set of booklungs, and the inner lines they form are a much wider angle. Males have a thinner space between the booklungs, and the inner lines are closer to straight lines than an angle. Hopefully that explains things a bit
I' m just keep looking at that abdomen rotating on 45' and it just remind me the face of Baby Groot from Guardian of Galaxy :D ahuahuahu

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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