Caribena Versicolor 1.5"
I think I can see the spermathecae above the flap, they're kinda collapsed to the middle. If you still have the moult you could try to straighten them up. They're very translucent at that size and quite hard to see. ;)

This is my female about the same size as yours.
@Thekla I do still have the molt, I'll try again after I get home. They are indeed translucent, a first for me, that's why I'm really confused if it's actually a male or female. I'm glad I'm getting a lot of female answers, and congrats to your female as well. I posted a few more pics on my Instragram if you wanna have a look at it a bit more,
@Ardila Maisara If there is a flap it's definitely female. It's translucent because it's not sexually mature - mature females have red/dark spermathecae while immature specimens will have clear/opaque spermathecae. Males don't have a flap, translucent or otherwise. ^^
@Ardila Maisara Congrats and thanks. I was very happy, too! :D

With those tiny moults I always try to carefully poke around with a needle or such. With my C. versi I initially thought it was boy, but after a bit of poking I thought: 'Hold on! There is something there!' :astonished: :rofl:

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